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  • Hand Held Printer EBS 260

    HandJet EBS 260 provides reimagined features and functionality for even more innovative, portable coding.

    The EBS-260’s print height has been doubled to 32 dots with print heights up to 2.2″ and will provide one to four separate lines of code. We’ve increased the capacity of the ink cartridge to up to 200,000 characters in a 7×5 matrix. Single- or multi-line messages from .276″ to 2.2″ high can be printed on both porous and non-porous substrates. It’s ideal for imprinting corrugated, paper, film, foil, glass, metal, lumber, concrete, and many other surfaces.

    New on-board, color touch-screen controller simplifies on-the-fly adjustments. The over 3.5″-diagonal, hardened screen enables the user to view the message being printed and various operational parameters. The large, highly-readable screen makes it easy to adjust print parameters at the touch of a finger, ensuring optimum printing results without interrupting work flow.

    Built-in laser guidance is included for the precise positioning of messages. The HandJet EBS-260’s integrated guidance laser simplifies the handling of the unit by providing the operator with an easy-to-follow laser target for the exact positioning of the imprinted message.

    The slightly-over 3.5-lb. unit features a redesigned hand grip improved ergonomic grip contours to ensure that handling is comfortable and well- balanced.

    The HandJet EBS-260 uses a variety of quick-drying and application-specific inks: ethanol-, acetone- or MEK-based in different colors, and more.

    For near-effortless clean up and periodic maintenance, a handy cleaning cartridge can be installed in just seconds to ease the removal of ink and flush the system.

    Communicating with the HandJet EBS-260 is simple and versatile: choose from WiFi, Bluetooth or USB.


    Touch-Screen: Color display, hardened glass; 3.54″ (9cm diagonal) Nozzles: 32 Nozzle diameter: 150 μm, optional 200 μm und 120 μm Print image height: .276″ – 2.2″ (7 – 56 mm) Minimum size of printed object: 1.57″ (40 mm) Working position: Any angle Printer memory: 2 Gigabyte Printing: Enables printing of multiple texts in successive lines Memory blocks for projects:> 50,000 projects with up to 10,000 characters each Graphics: Black & white PNG data can be imported (up to 32 dots in height) TrueType Fonts installable: Yes Special characters: National (diacritical) characters and graphics Variable fields: Date, time in any format; expiration date; ascending/descending sequential numbers; universal counter Timing: Synchronized with rotational speed of the lower stabilizer or at intervals by an internal generator Programming: Via the built-in touch-screen, on the website of the specific unit using the Firefox browser, or via offline editor (included) Special Function: Laser guidance for message positioning; automatic measuring of print area on objects Optional special functions: Master-Slave Bluetooth connection with input devices such as: scanner, Database functions, php-script administration Power supply: External power supply; 24V, 1.25A Operating time: Up to 16 hours operation with fully-charged battery at 68°F (20°C); automatic low-battery indicator Recharging: Uses an external 24V, 1.25A DC power pack Ink: Cartridges; ethanol-, acetone- or MEK-based in various colors (to be specified when ordering) Cartridge capacity: 6.7 ounces (200 ml); prints approx. 200,000, 7×5 dot-matrix characters Internal working pressure: 4.4 to 5.8 psi (0.3 to 0.4 bar) Operating temp: 41 °F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C) Storage temp: 32°F to 113°F (0°C to 45°C)-water-based ink; 14°F to 113°F (-1 o·c to 45°C) – solvent based ink Humidity: Up to 90% non-condensing Weight: 3.64 lbs (1.65 kg) with ink cartridge

    Standard Accessories

    • Spray bottle

    • 24-volt, 1.25-amp power pack, cable

    • CD w/utility software and user-support file

    Optional Accessories

    • Print stabilizers

    • Guide wheels

    Download Brochure


    EBS non-contact printing technology clearly prints on a variety of material and surface types —even coarse or porous surfaces or those containing depressions or protrusions:
    • Paper
    • Fabric
    • Natural Materials
    • Plastics
    • Metals
    • Glass and Ceramic Ware
    • Wood and Wood-Like Products
    • Leather and Leather-Like Goods
    • Construction Materials and a variety of derived products
    • Food Products
    • Pharmaceutical Agents
    • Raw Materials: Prefabricated, Intermediate Work-In-Progress and Finished Goods

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    Play Video
    EBS-260 and EBS-250 Handjet Video
    Play Video
    Saving Time by Replacing Stencils
    Play Video
    Oil Crayon Marking Versus Marking with EBS-260 Hand-Held Printer

    Handjet EBS-260 Operational Instructions

    NOTICE: Failure to follow these instructions will result in the warranty being voided. Mixing inks will also void the warranty.

    1. General Maintenance and Care

    • Be mindful of the cartridge expiration date

    2. Starting a new unit

    • A new unit has been purged with the cleaning cartridge that matches the ink type to be used
    • Remove the yellow tube
    • Install the ink cartridge and power-up the unit (power button on the side of the unit)
    • The main message screen will come on
    • Pressing the start button in the lower right will pressurize the printer – Wait for pressurization to finish
    • Ink needs to be purged through the printer
    • CAUTION – Ensure adequate ventilation in the area
    • Point the printhead downward into a hazmat-type container or scrap cardboard
    • Pull the trigger 3 times (within 1-2 seconds) and hold the trigger in on the third press (click, click, hold)
    • The unit will constantly beep and ‘fire’ all 32 nozzles – continue holding the trigger (approx. 10-20 seconds) until ink comes out of the printhead.
    • Choose message by pressing left/right cursor button to the right of the current message displayed
    • Once message is chosen press the ‘Start Button’ in the lower right
    • Now you can begin printing. Click the trigger and drag the bottom wheel ‘encoder’ on the substrate

    3. Shut down at end of shift or for the night

    • Before shutting the printer off for the day/night complete “daily cleaning procedure” in this FAQ
    • Press the power button in the upper right of the touch screen and choose the ‘Off’ button
    • Loosen the ink cartridge
      • This releases the pressure from the ink system
    • Re-attach the cartridge
      • This prevents dust, dirt or air from entering the back of the unit
    • Apply a moderate amount of cleaning solution to a piece of lint free cloth(non-abrasive), and gently wipe the nozzle plate
    • Store the unit upright

    4. Charging the unit

    • After 16 hours of use, or when the charge light is on, charging the unit battery is recommended
      • Please follow the EBS procedures, included in the user’s manual
        • This manual is included on the disk inside the carrying case

    5. Daily Cleaning Procedure

    • No Matter which ink type is being used, the unit should be purged of ink based on the following recommended interval
      • At the end of each shift/day if the Handjet 260 will be powered down and unused over night
      • Every 24 hours if the Handjet 260 is in constant use
    •  Cleaning/Purging the unit of ink
      • Remove the ink cartridge
      • Install the cleaning cartridge
    • From the main menu touch the start button in the lower right to pressurize the unit
    • CAUTION – Ensure adequate ventilation in the area
    • Point the printhead downward into a hazmat-type container or scrap cardboard
    • Pull the trigger 3 times (within 1-2 seconds) and hold the trigger in on the third press (click, click, hold)
    • The unit will constantly beep and ‘fire’ all 32 nozzles – continue holding the trigger (20+ seconds) until ink color goes away, spray becomes clearer.
    1. Copy the .exp file onto a USB Memory stick,

    2. Insert the USB memory stick into the printer,

    3.  Touch the USB icon,

    4.  Touch Import,

    5. Touch the .exp file,

    6. The printer will tell you the project was imported successfully .

    • Take existing .png file and open in Paint
    • Select resize, select pixels and enter 32 in the vertical box & save as a new file
    • In paint on lower right hand corner, increase zoom size to 800% or to fill the screen
    • Now you will see why the original .png file had extraneous dots in it
    • Fill black and white with green and yellow using the ‘fill paint bucket tool’
    • Fill the black with yellow
    • Now the tedious process of making everything either green or yellow using the pencil & changing colors of the pencil to green or yellow
    • Once you have finished, change yellow to black and green to white with the fill paint bucket tool & save .png file to send to the printer

    Insert memory stick into PC’s USB port.

    1. Start the EBS Web Editor S/W. If a password is requested, select Administrator, password = 1, click OK.

    2. Click Projects.

    3. Click Export project.

    4. Highlight Folders or 5. Project(s) that you want to export.

    6. Click the box with an “X” on the right side of the screen to change it to a Check Mark.

    7. Make sure the “Save to disk” button is selected

    8. Click the “selected project” button in the lower left. You can also export “all images” or “all projects”.

    9. A box will pop up labeled “Opening EBS-exportfile.exp”

    10. Make sure the “Save file” button is chosen, and click OK.

    The export process will start and the file will go to the “Downloads” folder on your PC. A blue down arrow in the upper right corner of the Firefox browser page will appear.

    Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for the EBS-260:

    I am having trouble with intermittent Wi-Fi connections when using the EBS-260. With the latest firmware update 1.02.40, Wi-Fi connections are more stable. Contact the technical team for directions and firmware to upgrade to the latest version.

    What steps do I need to take to set up the EBS-260 Wi-Fi connections and passwords?

    It’s easy to set up Wi-Fi connections and passwords. Just follow the EBS-260 Wi-Fi connections and passwords directions. Download the PDF.

    How do I clean the EBS-260 nozzle plate?

    Download the recommended directions for cleaning the nozzle plate. Download the PDF.

    What are the operation instructions for the EBS-260 pigment ink printer?

    Download the guide for using pigment inks with the EBS-260. Download the PDF.

    What are the cleaning maintenance procedures for the Handjet EBS-260?

    Acetone Based Ink – Black MEK or Black Acetone – Download the PDF.

    Pigmented Acetone/MEK based Inks – White (A), Yellow (M), Light Blue (M) – Download the PDF.

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