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    We do! At EBS you can pay by credit card, we accept Visa, MC and American Express. ACH/Bank Transfer, or you can apply and if approved receive N30 credit terms.

    YES! We offer a trial program. Simply purchase some ink and cleaner and then you can bring a printer in-house for 5 business days of testing before deciding if you want to purchase.
    EBS was originated in Germany. Our US Headquarters is located in Libertyville, IL – just outside of Chicago. There are also locations in Poland and China.
    If you are bring the “product to the printer” we offer inline (CIJ) printers. As your product moves past the printhead the printer fires droplets of ink and prints your image on the product. EBS also offers our Handjet® printers if you need to “bring the printer to the product” allowing you to print almost anything, anywhere.
    We do! EBS is proud to have a in-house Tech Support Team. Support is provided at onsite or over the phone at no charge to existing EBS customers.
    We are always working to provide information on our website. You can also sign up to receive the EBS Newsletter. You can also sign up to receive the EBS Newsletter