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  • Portable Ink Jet Technology - Lightweight, Compact Wireless Coding.

    The innovative HandJet®️ EBS 250 combines the proven success of our EBS 230 production line ink jet system and adds a unique, wireless interface. It signals a new era in portable, hand held ink jet coding, replacing antiquated hand coders such as stencil machines, stamps and roll coders, which are laborious and expensive in use and problematic with ink management.

    Next Generation Portable Ink Jet Printer - Lightweight, Large Character Coding.

    HandJet®️ EBS 260 provides reimagined features and functionality for even more innovative, portable coding. The EBS 260’s print height has been doubled to 32 dots with print heights up to 2.2″ and will provide one to four separate lines of code. We’ve increased the capacity of the ink cartridge to up to 200,000 characters in a 7×5 matrix. Single or multi line messages from .276″ to 2.2″ high can be printed on both porous and non porous substrates. It’s ideal for imprinting corrugated, paper, film, foil, glass, metal, lumber, concrete, and many other surfaces.