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  • About Us

    EBS‐USA was founded in 2008. With headquarters located in Libertyville, Illinois, EBS‐USA serves all of North and Central America with innovative printing and coding solutions. We engineer, develop and produce our own systems.

    At EBS‐USA, we have a few simple goals:

    • Quick Response
    • High‐Quality Products
    • Superior Workmanship
    • Outstanding Service
    • Fair Pricing

    These goals are in line with a long tradition of quality products and service.

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    Elektronische Beshriftungs-Systeme (EBS) was founded in Cologne, Germany in 1984 by Jan Slomianny and emerged out of the company Büro and Datentechnik (BDT), founded in 1977. 

    Jan Slomianny pioneered the development of the flexible “Drop-on-Demand Ink-Jet” (DOD) BDT 2000 and BDT 2016, suitable for practically every application in 1980. Characteristic for this type of printer and absolutely unique at that time was the ability to adjust the print height by slanting the print head. Since then, this technique has been widely used by countless companies throughout the world. The unique, patented design of our print head technology allow quick-drying inks to be used for printing on non-porous surfaces such as plastic, metal, glass and rubber.  Innovation such as this has been the key to the success of EBS in Europe for the past 30 years, and it is with this vision for innovation and quality that EBS-USA serves its customer base in North and Central America.